Top 5 Selling Blood Glucose Monitors you should Trust

Nowadays diabetic is a common problem in countries like the USA & Canada. People usually only focus on the checkup with the help of their family doctors. But in the current era of technology its now possible to get the daily routine Blood Glucose check at your home by using the blood sugar (glucose) monitors.

Let’s have look at the list of top-selling Blood Glucose Monitors

1. Contour Next EZ Blood Glucose Monitor Model, 7252

Product Detail:
Too Simple to use:  Insert the test strip and test your blood glucose level, Display readability is too easy. By using this machine it allows you to apply more Sampling blood which prevents wasting of test strips and also save money

Price: $9.29

User Guide by Manufacturer: Click here

Contour Next EZ Blood Glucose Monitor Model, 7252

2. Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Product Description:

Freestyle Lite comes with a Small and discreet Backlight display and its test strip port light Small sample size – only 0.3 microliters. It takes usually up to 60 seconds to re-apply blood that means FEWER wast of test strips which save money too. they also provide the FreeStyle Auto-Assist software solution for your desktop to monitor the daily reports. you can download it from their website.

Price: $23.60

FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitor

3. Contour Next One Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit

Product Description:

The Value Pack contains the CONTOUR NEXT ONE meter and 20 test strips. Our most accurate meter yet! Remarkable. CONTOUR NEXT ONE Blood Glucose Monitor is one of the most accurate meters, It was shown to deliver remarkable accuracy within ±8.4% of lab values.**. It allows connecting via Bluetooth connectivity to monitor the reports. its new age of smart diabetes management systems.

Price: $19.97

CONTOUR NEXT ONE Blood Glucose Monitoring System Value Pack

4. KetoCoach Blood Ketone Meter

Product Description:

KetoCoach βlood ketone Meter comes with Ten (10) Foil-wrapped Ketone Test Strips. it’s Owen Mumford Lancing Device (Finger Pricker).

Price: $45.95

KetoCoach Blood Ketone Meter

5. Precision Xtra: Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Product description:

Precision Xtra Blood Glucose monitor gives us glucose testing results in around 5 seconds & ketone results in only 10 seconds. its one of the best things is the large display with a backlight system. It allows the user to download the results to the computer by using the connectivity of data cable.

Price: $45.95

Blood Glucose Monitoring System