What Foods and Drinks to Avoid during Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most crucial period in women’s life. It is the time when women need to be very sensitive towards specific areas and maintain a strict diet and precautions too. The expecting mother has to focus and give attention to what needs to be avoided and should be eaten. A healthy diet is a must to be followed to keep away from harmful foods and beverages.

List of Foods & Drinks that one should avoid when Pregnant.

Soft cheese that has White Rinds

Although a few varieties of cheese are safe for the mother to be. But white rinds in cheese are a strict no for women during pregnancy.

Why avoid?

These are mould-ripened soft cheese, usually in brie and camembert. These include goat’s mold-ripened cheese, which is very harmful to the baby and can cause a severe issue of digestion. It is better not to eat raw cheese, and cooked ones are preferable.

Diet Soda

Don’t go with the packaging that says it is healthy. Of course, it may be healthy when you are not pregnant, but when you are pregnant, it is a big NO.

Why avoid?

This one also has caffeine quantity in it that too in a high volume that is of utmost risky for your baby to grow well. It is mixed with too much artificial sweetness to make it extra sugary. Saccharine is one such element mix to make the soda tasty and sweet, and it is such that it quickly reaches the baby. One the baby intakes saccharine, it can cause defect and growth issues in the baby.

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Raw or Half-Cooked Eggs

Some eggs have got safety standards and are produced under the British Lion code of practice. This makes them safe and is still preferable for pregnant women. However, those that are not tagged under the safety code should be eaten at all.

Why avoid?

These eggs are risky for the mother and can cause pain and trouble in the stomach for a longer time. The eggs should be cooked appropriately, both the white and the yolks should be stable. If no, it can turn into the risk of salmonella food poisoning. This gives a chance of vomiting and harm to your baby.


A little caffeine is still beautiful, but you have to be very careful about how much it needs to be consumed. Even in soft drinks, there is a certain amount of Caffeine present. Thus it is necessary to know how much you are consuming per day.

Why avoid?

The result of consuming high caffeine is the risk to a baby’s weight that can gradually decrease and even chances for a miscarriage. An intake of 300mg per day is still sufficient enough for a mother to be.

Unwashed Veggies and Fruits

If you already have a habit of washing the fruits and veggies before chopping and eating. Now is the time when you have to be very strict about that. No matter how busy you have had your day and how much less time you have to cook the vegetable or eat the fruits.

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Why avoid?

Making sure that they are washed or clean before use is the utmost essential duty of the women, and it needs to be followed by everyone. The traces of soil on unwashed veggies have the risk of infections, such as toxoplasmosis. Washing it doesn’t consume much time, and it is safe for your beloved loved baby.

Unpasteurized Milk

Unpasteurized milk has a high intensity of the presence of bacteria in it; this somehow can cause serious illness to the baby and the mother. The consumption of such milk can cause trouble like salmonella, listeria or E. coli as well.

Why avoid?

During pregnancy, the immune system of the mother gets lower, which is why the consumption of milk shows an adverse effect on the health of both the person. Miscarriage, stillbirth, or severe illness in the newborn are some of the significant problems that can happen if the mother consumes such milk regularly.

High Mercury Fishes

Some fishes are incredibly healthy for the baby like cooked shellfishes. However, mercury is the most upper element that contains toxic. This is commonly found in the water that is polluted, and it has a high chance to affect the developing baby.

Why avoid?

These toxins disturb the functioning of the nervous system, kidney, and even the immune system. The more you consume high mercury fish, the more it damages yours as well as the baby grows positively. Large marine fishes like shark, whales, and other ones have high mercury present in them. Even if you like fish and they taste too good, they are harmful to your baby to remember that.


You might have heard from your dear friends about how they consumed alcohol, but the baby was fine. This happens only in rare cases, and every pregnancy is different from one another. They might not have any issues, but you can have it.

Why avoid?

The consumption of alcohol directly affects the kidney, and the infant is too small to handle the ripened liquid intake in the body. This has a high possibility of harming the intestine as well as the kidney. Be sure to say a big no to it, especially during the first three crucial months, to avoid miscarriage.

Raw Sprouts

There are many fresh sprouts like alfalfa, radish as well as clover, mung bean that are highly contaminated with Salmonella. The environment in which these raw sprouts grow in humid ones that allow bacteria to enter into them and help them grow.

Why avoid:

These bacteria are one allergic element that can cause acute infection to the mother and the baby as well. These kinds of bacteria grow with the sprouts and become a part of it, which, even after washing, doesn’t get off from the raw sprouts. Thus the risk possessed in it gets higher and higher, so it is better not to consume it, and it is also advised strictly by the doctor.


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