10 Best Summery and Trendy type Men Shoes in 2020

When it looks like summer is here and you are looking for a change in your wardrobe, it is not just about clothes! Men need the right footwear and other accessories to keep cool in the summer season. They need trendy clothing, accessories, and footwear to create an impression and feel confident. We do not pay too much heed to what a man wants because he requires comfort and style!

When a man goes out shopping, he is clear about what he wants! His clothes should define him, and the shoes should be comfortable and trendy!

Speaking of footwear, it is all about keeping calm and wearing summery shoes which are fashionable and comfortable. It all boils down to comfort at the end of the day! Since it is summertime, you want something bright and light! Don’t let the fashion police catch you with boring shoes this season!

List of 10 Best Summery and Trendy Shoes for Men

Desert Boots

Desert Boots for men

Are you into rugged fashion? If the answer is a YES, then you must get the desert boots as they add swagger to your personality. The desert boots are comfortable, and they add a lot of style to your whole outfit. You can wear them for an adventure trip or even to an outing with your friends. It gives a rugged look, and these look best in brown, beige, and military green.

Trendy Loafers

Trendy-Loafers for Mend

Loafers are the most comfortable shoes for man can ever buy! We see women wearing loafers too! These are easy slip-ins, and you do not have to tie shoelaces. They are great for a walk on the beach or just a casual hangout. You can even wear them to your office! These are stylish and are known for providing supreme comfort.

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Make sure you choose a good brand! Loafers come in many colors, but they look best in tan and black.


Espadrilles Shoes for Men

Espadrilles sound so fancy, right? However, the espadrilles are straightforward and comfortable shoes that you must own for the summer season! They have a very casual and fresh look.

If you are all about comfort and a chilled-out style, you must invest in these because they are very lightweight. These lightweight canvas shoes have a plaited fiber sole. This makes the shoe highly accessible in the summer season! Wearing heavy shoes in summers can be frustrating!

Invest in these and let the world tag you as the trendsetter!

Flip Flops

Flip Flops shoes for men

Since it is summer season, you would need your flip flops for the beach and even for a little walk in the garden. There are some places where you cannot wear covered shoes, and the summer season gets too hot. It is best to wear an airy open flip-flop, which looks cool and you can chill in these!

You do not have to step out in canvas shoes or boots anymore! If you have a little work such as fetching groceries, then you can step out in flip-flops.

White Canvas Sneaker Shoes

White Canvas Sneaker Shoes for men

There is something so refreshing about white canvas sneaker shoes! Although we started to tell you about adding color to your wardrobe, we could not help but add these to the list. Men look very smart in all-white canvas shoes, and it just takes your style quotient to another level!

Colorful Sneakers for Men


Whether you are a college student or you are stepping out with friends, you can invest in bright sneakers. They come in red, navy blue, yellow, green, and much more! Choose a neon color in case you want to be jazzy and unique.

Boat Shoes

Boat Shoes for men

Boat shoes have a unique boat shape and they look great with formal clothing as well as casual clothing. If you have an important date or a meeting to attend, get into boat shoes and add swagger to your outfit. Everyone will notice your shoes for sure!


Brogue shoes for men

Brogue is a solid shoe meant for outdoor activities. If you ask us, you can even wear them to the office. You get the best brogues in black, tan and brown. You would find men wearing brogues in Ireland and also the Scottish Highlands. There are patterns on the leather which adds style!

We love brogues because of their style and rugged look! They are smart yet robust. Isn’t that a rare combination?

Chukka Boots

Chukka Boots for men

Isn’t it a funny name? Chukka boots are ankle-high boots that are made of leather. They have an open lacing and look very cool with a pair of jeans! You could go out clubbing in these or wear them for a date with a beautiful lady. It looks great with formal wear as well.

Double Monk Straps

Double-Monk-Straps for men

Bid adieu to the lace shoes and invest in double monk straps. There is something sexy about these shoes. A double monk is a shoe that has no lacing, and it has a buckle or a belt. It is considered to be the most advanced form of footwear, and the majority of the men are opting for it. Go for a brown one!

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We feel that you should get most of the shoes that are mentioned in the list. Life is too short for boring clothes and shoes. Jazz up your outfit with a perfect shoe for summer!